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Best BJJ gi deals right now – Black Friday offers and other discounts (in Europe)

I try to keep this post up to date if I happen to find any outstanding offers.

Foto: Scramble

Active discounts

(01.2021) Tatami has been offering -30% for Leve gis. Nice variety of sizes available for €83.30 €119.00.

I don’t know any good gi deals at the moment. If you know any good discounts then please leave it in the comments.

I regularly check the websites of my favourite brands like Scramble, Tatami, Kingz, Valor (and their not yer opened EU shop), Ippon and Manto.

What happens if I don’t use the offer (FOMO)

It is quite simple to find 10% to 15% discount coupons for different producers any time. But if there is a flat discount for 25% or more then those may be worth using (if you need the product and your size is available).

Nothing happens if you don’t buy stuff you don’t likebecause it is cheap or things you don’t really need.

Ended offers

(01.01.2021) – Scamble Lucky Bag Sale

(12.2021) Manto has 20% off sitewide with code XMAS21. I don’t know until which date does the offer last.

Black Friday 2021

But the annoying part is that they have only UK store (which adds some taxation complexities when ordering outside UK) and flat shipping fee 20 pounds 🙁 But would be stupid to buy something for 37 and pay 20 for shipping.

(11.2021) Scramble gis have -25% flat discount. For example Scramble Standard Issue 2020 costs only 80 60 euros. No white belt included 🙁 Most common sizes are properly available.

(11.2021) All Kingz gis have -30% discounts with coupons BLACK21 (and CYBER21 for monday). Only issue is that for the cheaper gis – like Kore (79 eur*) and The ONE (92 eur*) – most common sizes tend to be out of stock. Kore and The ONE both have free white belt included.

(11.2021) Valor gis have very nice discounts at the moment. For example, I like this Valor Bravura Classic Plain BJJ GI White, which costs only 50 37 pounds (+ free white belt). What is Valor? I saw this brand for the first time on Estum jiu-jitsu frontpage, here their blackbelts wear Valor gis.

*Without -30% discount.

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