20.01.2024 |

Best BJJ Rash Guard 2024

The best BJJ rash guard is the Sondico Base Core Long Sleeve Base Layer rash guard that Sportsdirect sells for 16.80€ for one, 26.40€ for two.

Sondico rashguard
  • Sufficient length
  • Long sleeves (protects your skin)
  • Plain design – no flames, you can silkscreen it yourself if you want to
  • Thick, durable and strong material
  • Nice and tight fit (not loose anywhere)
  • Cheap!

I always cry inside and feel helpless when I see new visitors falling for the up-sell of 60 eur no-name rashguard because they are not able to figure out the internet.

You can get this Sondico as your first rash guard to wear under the gi or for nogi and then take your time to figure out if maybe xmartialMA1 x B-Team, Future Kimonos or any other actual brand is your thing.

16.11.2023 |

Recording BJJ matches at competition

I have filmed three BJJ competitions for my team so far. I find it more rewarding and much simpler than taking photos. I have used a smartphone as a camera and a tripod for smooth panning. For the tripod, I have used either two-way fluid head (video head) or three-way pan head.

I have thought about filming with DSLR but I would need expensive and 28-70 mm light lens which I do not have and the complexity of the whole filming process would also increase.

This is the video I filmed at Estonian Nogi Championships using iPhone SE3. You can see the wide angle, image stabilization as well as the quality of the digital zoom.

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22.10.2023 |

BTT Estonia – 3 uut musta vööd ja 2 uut pruuni vööd

21. oktoobril toimus BTT Estonias Murilo Bustamante (7th degree coral belt) seminar, mille järgselt andis treener Sergio De A Cabral mõned vööd. Musta vöö said Sergei Marmeljuk, Efosa Erharuyi ja Tarmo Jüristo. Video leiab siit.

Pruuni vöö said Robert Stanley Montes ja Aleksandr Marmeljuk. Ja natuke hiljem Arman Pogosjan (25.10.23).

15.09.2023 |

Murilo Bustamante seminar 21. oktoobril BTTs

21. oktoobril kell 10 toimub BTT Estonia saalis (Pirni 12, Tallinn) Murilo Bustamante seminar. Osalemistasu 50 eurot.

Murilo Bustamante on 7th deg. BJJ coral belt (valge ja punane vöö), üks Brazilian Top Team asutajatest.

Plakat BTT Estonia Instagramis.

11.09.2023 |

Best BJJ Exercises

This is one of the videos ranking the best exercises for grappling strength that I have found useful.

I very much enjoy Alex Sterner’s Instagram. He gives out valuable tips on exercising and recovery. Emphasising sleep and nutrition. And constantly mocking cold plunges, weird diets, weird exercises, functional training etc. Hilarious content.

This video by B Team also helps to explain some simple exercises and the rationale behind each of them this way.

11.08.2023 |

Is BJJ Healthy Sport

I will start posting things here that I find on social media where BJJ athletes talk about their injuries. Not to scare anyone away from starting with BJJ but to give a realistic overview of what is probably going to happen to you when you are more competitive than a regular slacker.

This Instagram post by Tom DeBlass (41) really made me think about how unhealthy BJJ actually is. When I reached the place where he says “At 41 years young…” I was really amused because I thought – by everything he had just described – that he is older than 60.

Nicky Ryan (21) talking about his knee injuries and about training with no ACL.

A person aged 42 looking forward to a total hip replacement in the next few years, as well as a total shoulder replacement.

Why BJJ Is Destroying Your Body

26.04.2023 |

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Finnish Open 2023

Möödunud nädalavahetusel toimus Soomes, Vantaas väga tore BJJ võistlus BJJ Finnish Open 2023. Mulle tundub, et see võikski olla meie piirkonna kõige olulisem gi võistlus – vöötasemeid on palju ja osalejaid samuti palju. Samuti osales (vähemalt) üks väga kõrgel tasemel BJJ täht Espen Mathiesen, kes võitis kõik enda kategooria (-83 kg, pruunid ja mustad vööd) matšid alistusega 3-4 minutiga kuid avatud klassis kaotas Kjetil Lydvo‘le (Frontline Academy blackbelt, 94.3+ kg), kes avatud klassi lõpus võitis.

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21.03.2023 |

Kimono pesemine

Gi pesemine

Kimono tuleb pesta pärast iga treeningut. Hea mõte on pesta (kergelt) ka enne esimest kasutuskorda, sest muidu võib värske gi jätta partnerile ja sinu kehale igasugust sodi/pudi.

Kimonot pestakse pesumasinas ja kasutada tuleb ka pesuvahendit (pesupulber, pesugeel). Mina pesen 30-40 kraadi juures (kuidas kunagi tuju on), kuivatan 800 pöördega tsentrifuugis suurema vee välja + pärast riputan kuivama. Kasutan Mayer Sensitive pesugeeli, mis ei jäta (näiteks kellelgi teise jaoks) rõivastele häirivat lõhna.

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07.02.2023 |

BJJ Blue Belt Tips

My thoughts as a BJJ bluebelt.

I named this post “tips” just to get more SEO juice. These are my observations as a BJJ blue belt to document the way I think of some fundamental things.

Protect yourself (and your partner) at all times

As long the fight is on, you are (also) responsible for your safety. People (especially beginners) tend to forget that. If you are in doubt of your safety then you can always stop the roll. If you are not sure that your arm or knee bends that way or if your neck can stand the pressure from that angle – just STOP the roll and take the time to investigate. Stopping the roll is always an option whenever you feel uncomfortable.

I would like to believe that my partner is also taking care of my safety (Wim Deputter) but I don’t always count on that.

Some people want to win, some people want to play

Some people want to win at all costs. Some people want to play sports.

It is healthier in the long term to be the one who wants to play. If some people want to win, let them win. Don’t reflect the violence because it doubles the violence. If I get an overly aggressive partner then I will simply stay calm and play an overly defensive game – for example, move between the turtle and running man the whole round.

Keeping it playful

If you are scared of losing then throw the first round the most embarrasing way possible with one asterix for newer and/or smaller practitioners – make sure you are safe.

Positional sparring

Craig Jones and Kit Dale on positional sparring.


I don’t know what is the reason behind it but in training environment people like to give advice outside their scope. Recovery, excercising, nutrition, supplements, medical interventions, financial, life coaching etc. Very often the advice in not of high quality. So it is not wise to implement everything immediately.

Honor in jiu-jitsu

If you win because your partner does not know what to do – is there really (an honour in that) win? (by Priit)

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23.01.2023 |

European IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship ’23

Brasiilia jiu-jitsu IBJJF euroopa meistrivõistlused toimuvad 23.-29. jaanuaril Pariisis. Siit saab vaadata osalejaid klasside kaupa, tulemused leiab siit.

Osalevad eestlased

  1. Christopher James Bonnar (BTT), 23.01, WHITE / Master 1 / Male / Medium-Heavy (88.30kg) 🥉
  2. Kirill Miller (BTT), 24.01, BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Middle (82.30kg)
  3. Mikk Salk (Võimla), 24.01, BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Heavy (94.30kg)
  4. Marko Mitt (BTT), 25.01, BLUE / Master 3 / Male / Feather (70.00kg)
  5. Kadi Külasalu (Võimla), 25.01, PURPLE / Adult / Female / Super-Heavy 🥉
  6. Tommi  Malinen (BTT), 26.01, PURPLE / Master 1 / Male / Light-Feather (64.00kg)
  7. Taavi Vaigla (Estum Jiu-Jitsu), 27.01, BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Middle (82.30kg)

Otsisin klubide järgi. Võimalik, et ma kõiki ei leidnud. Kui keegi veel osaleb, siis palun jäta kommentaar.

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