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BJJ Youtube channels – free BJJ instructionals

To avoid low quality instructionals I have mainly stuck to these channels. When ever I need to find something I try to find it from these channels first.

Tarik Hopstock – very well structured, short, on point videos with useful details. I mainly study his beginners stuff.

BJJ Globetrotters

BJJ Globetrotters in Action – (very) long videos of a class of a specific technique (triangle, darce, mount, s-mount, guard passing drills, strangles). I like newer videos by Priit Mihkelson because he shows newer versions of his signature techniques with highly practical implementations. For example I play with his hawking vs back control against rnc, against collar choke, bow and arrow and full crash course of defensive postures etc.

Whoopass Camps

Whoopass Camps is a new channel on youtube but I already like it. Improving standard positions, leg pummeling.

The rest

Roy Dean‘s channel

But also Lachlan Giles, Jon Thomas (he stands out for the correct use of microphone 🙂 ), Chewjitsu, Knight Jiu-jitsu, Wiltse Brothers BJJ has some good content (for example this s-mount), BJJ Fanatics with John Danaher, Gordon Ryan and Mickey Musumeci are very good.

05.07.2022 |

BJJ Podcasts That I Like

BJJ Mental Models Ep. 215: Incentives & Triggers, feat. Jorgen Matsi

BJJ Mental Models Ep. 181: BJJ for Old F***s, feat. Rob Biernacki & Stephan Kesting explains concepts and tactics for safe and effective Jiu-Jitsu as you age.

BJJ Goons 154: Can BJJ Be A Spectator Sport? Nico Ball and Tim Spriggs discuss what jiujitsu can and must do to become a viable commodity in the sport/entertainment industry.

Just a list of BJJ podcasts

I have subscribed to some of them.

BJJ Mental Models
BJJ Goons
Elbows tight
Forever White Belt
Get A Grip with Kendall Reusing
I Suck At Jiu-Jitsu
The Sonny Bravo Breakdown

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