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BJJ Blue Belt Tips

My thoughts as a BJJ bluebelt.

I named this post “tips” just to get more SEO juice. These are my observations as a BJJ blue belt to document the way I think of some fundamental things.

Protect yourself (and your partner) at all times

As long the fight is on, you are (also) responsible for your safety. People (especially beginners) tend to forget that. If you are in doubt of your safety then you can always stop the roll. If you are not sure that your arm or knee bends that way or if your neck can stand the pressure from that angle – just STOP the roll and take the time to investigate. Stopping the roll is always an option whenever you feel uncomfortable.

I would like to believe that my partner is also taking care of my safety (Wim Deputter) but I don’t always count on that.

Some people want to win, some people want to play

Some people want to win at all costs. Some people want to play sports.

It is healthier in the long term to be the one who wants to play. If some people want to win, let them win. Don’t reflect the violence because it doubles the violence. If I get an overly aggressive partner then I will simply stay calm and play an overly defensive game – for example, move between the turtle and running man the whole round.

Keeping it playful

If you are scared of losing then throw the first round the most embarrasing way possible with one asterix for newer and/or smaller practitioners – make sure you are safe.

Positional sparring

Craig Jones and Kit Dale on positional sparring.


I don’t know what is the reason behind it but in training environment people like to give advice outside their scope. Recovery, excercising, nutrition, supplements, medical interventions, financial, life coaching etc. Very often the advice in not of high quality. So it is not wise to implement everything immediately.

Honor in jiu-jitsu

If you win because your partner does not know what to do – is there really (an honour in that) win? (by Priit)

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26.12.2022 |

John Danaheri klubis keelatud tehnikad

Dan Hardy Youtube’is on video, kus John Danaher selgitab, miks ja missugused tehnikad tema treeningutel on keelatud. Guard jumping, scissor takedowns, tani otoshi, hüppega alistused üldiselt.

Suurim ohu allikas, mida ta mitu korda rõhutab, on see, kui inimesed kukuvad üksteisele kontrollimatult otsa. Miski muu ei ole nii ohtlik kui kontrollimatult langeva keha raskus.

Miski, mida ta ütleb ja mida ma tahaksin iga kord trennis kuulda on see, et: “Number one cause of injuries is falling bodyweight. Any time you pick people up it is your responsibility to put them down safely. Lifter is responsible of the safety of the other one. Put them down with safety in mind.”

Ohutusest on päris palju räägitud ka B-Team Jiu-Jitsu videotes. Matt Thornton ütleb, et see safe environment on kõige olulisem asi treeningkeskkonna juures.

19.07.2022 |

BJJ Youtube channels – free BJJ instructionals

To avoid low quality instructionals I have mainly stuck to these channels. When ever I need to find something I try to find it from these channels first.

Tarik Hopstock – very well structured, short, on point videos with useful details. I mainly study his beginners stuff.

BJJ Globetrotters

BJJ Globetrotters in Action – (very) long videos of a class of a specific technique (triangle, darce, mount, s-mount, guard passing drills, strangles). I like newer videos by Priit Mihkelson because he shows newer versions of his signature techniques with highly practical implementations. For example I play with his hawking vs back control against rnc, against collar choke, bow and arrow and full crash course of defensive postures etc.

Whoopass Camps

Whoopass Camps is a new channel on youtube but I already like it. Improving standard positions, leg pummeling.

The rest

Roy Dean‘s channel

But also Lachlan Giles, Jon Thomas (he stands out for the correct use of microphone 🙂 ), Chewjitsu, Knight Jiu-jitsu, Wiltse Brothers BJJ has some good content (for example this s-mount), BJJ Fanatics with John Danaher, Gordon Ryan and Mickey Musumeci are very good.

13.04.2022 |

Free BJJ Instructionals – BJJ Fanatics and others

If I find one, I will leave the link here. If you find one, leave a comment.

Not so much BJJ yet free on BJJ Fanatics

Submeta by Lachlan Giles

I also have another blog post with the list of my favourite Youtube channels with high quality free instructionals.

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